Why Everyone Should Be Thinking About Flood Insurance

Relying on the “official” flood maps produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) may be a terrible mistake for many homeowners. FEMA creates these maps of flood zones, which are used by lenders to require homeowners to carry flood insurance to qualify for home mortgage financing.

The agents at Idaho Select Insurance, serving Meridian, ID and the surrounding area, can help with flood insurance coverage. You probably need this insurance, even if the lender does not require it.

Flood Maps are Out-of-Date

In 2017, Bloomberg reported that up to 80% of the FEMA maps were out-of-date and that FEMA was struggling to update the maps in the face of budgetary problems and the lack of sufficient staff.

The goal of FEMA is to update the maps at least once in every five years; however, due to the severe weather patterns caused by climate change, floods are now happening in areas that have not seen flooding for the past 100 years or sometimes up to 500 years.

The recent Midwest flooding destroyed millions of acres of farms that were, in some cases, tens of miles from the river banks.

Damage Caused by a Few Inches of Water

Flooding that enters a home of only a few inches of water does an enormous amount of damage to furniture, carpeting, flooring, sub-flooring, the foundation, and all the support system for the home that may include the electrical wiring. Once mold and mildew sets in, the only way to get rid of these problems is to rip everything out and put in new construction materials.

Coverage for Homes Not in a Flood Zone

The good news is that generally speaking homes that are not located in an official flood zone can usually get flood insurance by making a modest investment. Find out more about flood insurance for your home by contacting an agent at Idaho Select Insurance in Meridian, ID to get a quote for flood insurance. It is better to have flood insurance now for almost any home.

I’m Selling My Boat….What About My Insurance?

Enjoying the Waterways of Idaho

Idaho Select insurance in Meridian, ID Is Your Co-captain When It Comes To Enjoying Your Boat

The beautiful state of Idaho has extensive waterways and the residents here love it. Whether you are in Valley County, Adams County, Bonner County or any of the other beautiful counties here, you get the opportunity to go out on the water and have much fun and pleasure. Protect yourself from liability before any incidents occur. If you follow this course, your boating can be pleasurable instead of worrisome. 

Did you know that you are not required to carry boat insurance in the state of Idaho? Be careful, however because some federal waterways have different regulations. So you have to speak with an insurance agent to make certain that you are protected. The state department of motor vehicles recommends that you speak with an insurance agent before getting your boat on the water.

It is a prudent idea to have insurance to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your guests out on the water. Not to mention the boat itself. Any liability incurred will be hefted onto your personal assets as the boat owner. 

Get Boat Insurance

When you sell your vessel to another and it is insured make certain that your insurance stays intact until the transaction is complete. You are responsible for the watercraft or boat until it is legally in the hands of another-that means it has been registered and titled to that individual. 

Once the transaction is complete you can contact your agent to cancel your boat insurance. 

Idaho Select Insurance is located in Meridian ID. We are boat people too and can tell  you a story or two about how insurance can come in handy when you least expect it. Give us a call today at 208-473-2402.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, one type of policy may work for one person but be completely wrong for another. This is why it is so important that you take the time to learn about the different types of life insurance products that are out there and consider various factors that can help you determine what type of life insurance policy may be ideal for you. Here are a few of that factors that we at Idaho Select Insurance, serving Meridian, ID, recommend you consider when buying life insurance. 

What Health Conditions You Suffer From

As you begin your search for life insurance, take the time to remember and write down any health conditions you suffer from. Certain health conditions can increase the cost of your life insurance policy, or may exclude you from certain types of coverage. Having a list of conditions ready helps to ensure you don’t forget anything and find a plan that fully covers you even with the health conditions you have. 

How Long You Need Coverage

Another important factor to consider is how long you will need coverage for. This may vary based on your age and/or your needs. Some life insurance policies may cover you for only a specific period of time, such as 10 years, while others may cover you for life. 

How Much Coverage You Need

Lastly, think about how much coverage you need. Think about how much your final expenses will cost, how much income will be lost if you pass away, and how much debt you have. A great insurance agent can work with you to determine what the right coverage amount is for your needs. 

Are you ready to learn more about purchasing life insurance in Meridian, ID? Contact us at Idaho Select Insurance today to get help selecting the right life insurance policy for your needs. 

What Homeowners In Meridian Need To Know Before Tornado Season Hits

It’s clear: tornado season is upon us. As a homeowner, you know the importance of protecting yourself against severe weather. As tornadoes begin to roll in this summer, it’s important that you take steps to keep you and your family safe. At Idaho Select Insurance, serving Meridian, ID and surrounding areas, we care about you and your home. Follow these tips to make sure you’re prepped and ready for tornado season. 

– Know your safe spot. Talk with your family about where you’ll shelter in your house when a tornado hits. Prep that area with the things you’ll need while you shelter in place, such as bottled water, nonperishable food items, a flashlight, a cell phone charger, batteries, and baby supplies, if applicable. 

– Practice. If you have young kids, it’s important that they know what to do when a tornado hits. Practice walking down to your safe spot. 

– When severe thunderstorms are coming, know how you’re going to prep your yard. Bring patio furniture inside, pull one of the cars into the garage, and make sure that any lose objects are secured. 

– Think about nearby family members, especially those who are disabled or elderly. It might make sense for mom and dad to stay at your home when severe weather is predicted. 

Of course, all the plans in the world don’t always protect against the unexpected. It’s important that you have a solid home insurance policy to keep you safe during storm season. Call our office, Idaho Select Insurance serving Meridian, ID, to set up a policy that will keep your home safe when tornadoes hit.

3 Tips for Buying Auto Insurance in Meridian, ID

Ladies and Gentlemen – start your engines! Hold on one second! Do you have proper insurance coverage? If not, you are not only risking your vehicle, but you are breaking the law. Did you know it’s illegal to operate a motor vehicle on the road of Meridian, ID without proper insurance coverage? It’s true, and something that Idaho Select Insurance is here to help with. Read on to learn how to find the best auto insurance policy at the best price.

1. Compare Several Auto Insurance Quotes

If you are eager to get behind the wheel and begin cruising, then you may not care who or where your auto insurance comes from – you have your eye on the prize – driving. However, this may result in you paying way too much for the coverage you need.

As a result, the best thing you can do is to compare quotes before making a decision and purchasing a policy. Be sure to be thorough and compare the prices and coverage line by line to find the insurer that provides the most value. (Pro tip: The company offering the most value won’t always be the one with the lowest price!).

2. Bundle Your Auto Insurance with Other Policies

Do you have homeowners or renters insurance? Have you purchased life insurance in the past? If so, then you are already working with an insurance company. Why not reach out to your existing insurance provider about bundling your new auto policy with your other coverage. This may help you save some cold, hard cash.

3. Find a Reputable Agent for Help

Perhaps the best thing you can do when it’s time to purchase auto insurance is to work with a quality agent. At Idaho Select Insurance we serve the entire Meridian, ID area and our agents can help you get the policy you want and need to get you on the road as quickly as possible.


Is Umbrella Insurance A Good Idea For Rental Property?

Anyone who rents the property out to visitors needs to make sure that they have the proper insurance in place to protect them from the possibility of damages. Most home insurance policies can offer adequate coverage to places where the value of the property is nearly the same as the insurance, but what if there are items on the prosperity or features of the property that makes the covered space more valuable than the maximum coverage?

Umbrella Insurance For Rental Properties

Property owners who have a substantial amount of assets or features on properties that may experience a significant risk from renters or event natural events may want to explore their options for umbrella insurance coverage. This particular insurance product is designed to cover above and beyond the limits of traditional home insurance. It is a great product to purchase to help ensure financial stability and prevent losses.

Exploring Insurance Options

People who are new to umbrella insurance should make sure to work with a reputable agency with agents who are dedicated to providing top quality products designed to meet the needs of their clients. Anyone who lives in or around the Meridian, ID area should speak with the agents at Idaho Select Insurance and discover how umbrella insurance coverage can give them the peace of mind they need when renting property to guests. 

People who have substantial property value or personal items on the property exceeding the value of the home insurance should consider umbrella insurance. Anyone with property in or around Meridian, ID should call or stop by the office of Idaho Select Insurance for more information. 

Will Renter’s Insurance Protect My Home-Based Business From Theft?

If you currently operate a business out of your home or have thought about opening a home-based business, have you considered what you would do in the event that your inventory or equipment was stolen? Don’t make the error of assuming your homeowner’s insurance policy will provide theft coverage or sufficient coverage of business-related risks.  

Idaho Select Insurance offers a variety of business insurance policies tailored to protect your new Meridian, ID home business against theft, fraud, vandalism, fraud, employee injuries, and liability claims.  Some coverage options include: 

  • Business crime insurance 
  • Liability insurance 
  • Property insurance 
  • Workers’ compensation insurance 
  • Business auto insurance 

Property Coverage and Home Businesses 

Unlike your homeowners insurance, a business insurance policy can provide coverage for your business property and office equipment. Coverage for anything business-related, such as data, computer equipment, machinery, inventory, supplies for your home office is typically excluded from your homeowners insurance policy or covered with a low limit. If a fire destroyed all your inventory or someone broke into your home and stole all your computer equipment, what would you do? Business insurance would provide the financial help you need to get your business back on its feet by covering the cost of replacing your property, and in some cases, replacing your lost income.  

Liability Coverage and Your Home Business 

Small business owners who operate from home are easy targets for lawsuits, and it only takes one lawsuit — even if it is eventually dismissed — for a business owner to face lose their business and assets and face financial ruin. While you can’t an angry client or a disgruntled employee or from taking legal action against you, business liability coverage allows you to protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build. A typical homeowners policy doesn’t cover events that occur while conducting business. If someone is injured on your property or while conducting business with you, their medical expenses could be your responsibility to pay out of pocket. 

What’s The Best Type Of Insurance For My Home-Based Business?

It is critical for home business owners to have the right type of insurance coverage. Some may require a separate commercial insurance policy, while others such as real estate agents, accountants, photographers, handcrafters, consultants, tutors, and music teachers can add a “specified business pursuits” endorsement to their existing homeowner’s policy.   

Are you wondering if your Meridian, ID home-based business qualifies for an endorsement for additional insurance coverage through your homeowner’s policy? Interested in learning more about business insurance coverage? Talk to an Idaho Select Insurance agent today.

Does the Type of Bike Affect the Overall Cost of Coverage?

Motorcycles are a great way to get around and a great toy as well but you need to make sure they are fully covered if you intend to drive them. There are a few different factors that do affect the overall cost of your coverage and the type of bike is certainly one of them. For those that live in the Meridian, ID area, the agents with Idaho Select Insurance can help you to find the right coverage for you every single time.

A great way to determine what your potential payment each month might be is to first understand what factors do affect the price of coverage each month.  The first factor is of course the price of the bike. you are going to want to get an accurate valuation to make sure you are insuring your bike for enough so in case you need to replace it. You also want to take into account any safety features the bike may have. The last factor that is likely to have a significant impact on the price of your coverage each month is the type of bike. Those that are considered to be sport bikes or fast bikes are going to cost more to insure based on the way that people tend to drive this type of bike. Cruisers, or bikes that are typically driven slower are not going to cost as much based on the way they are driven.

You want to keep in mind that your specifics as a driver also make a difference in the overall cost of your monthly coverage. For those that live in the Meridian, ID area, the agents with Idaho Select Insurance can help you to find the right coverage for you.

Do You Need Flood Insurance

When it comes to your home, there are many kinds of insurance options available. While you already have standard home owner’s insurance, there are other additions you need to consider. One of the most commonly selected insurance add on is flood insurance. However, you may wonder whether or not you need floor insurance. The team at Idaho Select Insurance is here to help you decide how to protect your home, whether you live in or around Meridian, ID. 

What Flood Insurance Protects

Naturally, flood insurance protects your home in the event of a natural disaster, such as heavy rain or even after a major thaw that leaves all the snow melting right on your property. 

Beyond an actual natural disaster through your home may flood from a burst pipe. Perhaps your pipes freeze and burst when you’re on vacation. Or the pipes leak next to your property and causes the foundation to slide and crack. All of these are major issues that regular home owner’s insurance may not protect. That is why you need to consider flood insurance. 

Damage To Your Property

Flooding isn’t about removing the water from your property. No matter how long the water has pooled up it will cause all kinds of damage to your home. You’ll need to replace flooring, carpet and even the wood and drywall. You might need to have mold spores removed from the property, and you’ll need the foundation checked. Whatever the issue might be, you need to have it repaired and restored before it does more damage. 

Flood insurance is a valuable investment when it comes to your home. Whether you live in or around greater Meridian, ID, the team at Idaho Select Insurance is here to help you determine what works best for your particular home.

How to Get Boat Insurance in Idaho

As most boat owners already know, there’s really nothing as refreshing and exhilarating as zipping around a lake, nor is there anything as calming as just sitting on gently rocking waters. In order to truly enjoy these things, however, you shouldn’t be worrying about what you’re going to do if disaster strikes. But boat insurance is a bit of a different animal than car insurance, and there are some different steps to getting a policy for your boat. Those of us at Idaho Select Insurance are here to tell you what you need to know about getting the coverage you need in the Meridian, ID region:

Is Boat Insurance Required?

In Idaho, boat insurance is actually not mandated by law. That said, some lakes and private water areas still require boaters to have at least some form of coverage should they get into an accident of any kind. Likewise, those who plan on taking their boat on trips to other states will want to look into insurance for safety reasons, as well as cooperating with other state laws. 

You Must Have a Specific Boat Insurance Policy

Because boats are personal property, many people mistakenly assume that they can have their boat covered under their home insurance policy or even get it written into a general vehicle policy. But the truth is that boats are considered under the law and by insurers to be in a separate category of their own, and therefore you must have a specific boat insurance policy in order to have your vessel covered. Regardless of whether your boat is for business or pleasure, those who use their vessel even semi-regularly will want to protect their purchase with insurance.

Policies Are Not ‘One Size Fits All’

Let’s face it– there are many different kinds of boats, and people use them for a wide variety of purposes. Like other kinds of insurance policies, boat coverage is not generalized enough to cover everyone. When sitting down with an experienced insurance agent, such as those at Idaho Select Insurance, you should be ready with details like how much you use your boat and for what purposes, the size of the boat and the model, the boat’s age and maintenance records, etc. Serving the Meridian, ID area and beyond, we’ll help you find the perfect policy for your boating needs.