How to Create an Inventory List When You Purchase Rental Insurance

At Idaho Select Insurance, providing residents in the greater Meridian, ID region, we want to help our customers with their insurance needs and questions. This is why we offer tips to help our customers if the unexpected occurs. If you are looking to purchase a rental insurance policy or have recently purchased one, we strongly recommend making an inventory list. Here are a few tips to help you create that list. 

Go Room By Room Listing Inventory

When creating an inventory list for rental insurance, you should go room by room, listing the general items in the room. Be sure to include any high-value items on your list, as these items need to be documented if you need to file a claim due to fire, theft, or other covered events. 

Take Pictures of High-Value Items

As you make an inventory list, take the time to either take pictures or videos of your high-priced items, including jewelry, electronics, and furniture. This is one of the best ways to document that you do own those items and show what condition the items were in. 

Save Receipts

Lastly, if you have receipts for high-value items or if you purchase new high-value items, be sure to save your receipts. This can come in handy, as it documents when you bought an item and how much you paid for it. 

Having an inventory list can be handy if you ever have to file a claim with your renters’ insurance company. It helps to show that you owned items of value and shows the condition those items were in. If you are looking for a renters’ insurance policy, Idaho Select Insurance, serving the greater Meridian, ID area, would love to be of service to you. Call our office, and let’s get started finding you a new policy.