Even Renters Need a Home Inventory

If you are renting in Meridian, ID, you may own fewer possessions than those who have lived in the same home for decades. However, even though you do not own a home, you still should create a home inventory. Wise renters take out a renters insurance policy from Idaho Select Insurance, protecting their valuables in case of fire or theft. However, for the insurance company to pay for items that are damaged or stolen, you have to document what you owned to begin with. 

Creating a home inventory when you rent is exactly the same as when you own a home. You basically want to show evidence of what you own. First, make a list of each room in your home, and then make a list of all of the items in each room. A video camera or digital camera are handy tools when creating a home inventory. While you are listing your possessions, you can video or photograph them. You should record brand names and serial numbers. If you have receipts, clip them to the home inventory. Even if you do not have receipts, you should still attempt to recall the amount that you paid for your things. Be as honest as you can, because if you do need to file a claim, the agent needs to be able to rely on your integrity. You don’t want to make him doubt the estimates of your other claims.

When your home inventory is complete, create several copies. Store one electronically on a Cloud-based online server, so you can access the inventory from anywhere.  Additionally, you will want a paper copy stored in your home. A safe deposit box is a good place to store a third copy. 

Update your home inventory once a year with a date that you can easily remember like New Year’ s Day or your birthday. Once you’ve made your initial home inventory, it only takes a few minutes to update it on an annual basis. 

If you need renters insurance in the Meridian, ID area, contact Idaho Select Insurance.