How Boat Insurance Protects Your Boat Off the Water, Too

You buy boat insurance to protect your watercraft while on the water, but it protects your boat everywhere else, too. Your boat insurance policy protects your boat on its trailer or in drydock or moored at the marina, too. Idaho Select Insurance serving Meridian, ID wants you to understand how boat insurance protects you and your watercraft.

Also called hull insurance, this policy works similar to the one on your car. You can pack a lot of coverage into one policy under one premium. Your collision coverage does protect your boat in the water. Your other types of coverage, though, protect your boat and the people in it, everywhere.

The comprehensive coverage protects you from hail, theft, vandalism, etc., while the liability protects you on and off the water. Let’s say you tow your boat from your home to the lake or ocean. On the way there, your trailer sways into another vehicle and causes an accident. You’re fine, but the other vehicle isn’t. Your vehicle liability does not cover this accident, but your boat insurance liability policy does.

If you cause an accident, you can rely on your medical payments coverage. It could also help pay the medical bills of those in the boat. If someone else causes an accident, on or off the water, and your boat incurs damage but they did not carry insurance, your uninsured/underinsured boater insurance kicks in to cover the damage. Adding personal belongings coverage means you can easily replace items stolen from or lost that you stored in your boat. This includes items like radar, small appliances, or fishing equipment. It applies whether you store your boat at your home, in drydock, or at the marina.

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