Don’t Rely on Your Roommate’s Renters Insurance Policy

Even though it’s one of the best ways to protect yourself if you rent an apartment or townhome, many people who lease a place in Meridian, ID don’t have renters insurance. Sometimes, we at Idaho Select Insurance hear renters justify not carrying a renters insurance policy by noting that their roommate has insurance. Relying on your roommate’s renters insurance policy is never a good idea, though, because it might not cover you.

Your Roommate’s Policy Is Theirs

Your roommate’s renters insurance policy is their policy, not your policy. They selected the policy and pay its premiums, and they’re the policyholder. As such, the policy insures them. It likely doesn’t insure you.

If you’re expecting your roommate’s policy to provide you with coverage, you could be in trouble if something happened. It likely doesn’t extend coverage to you. If your apartment was ever broken into or caught fire, you might have to pay for all the damages and losses yourself.

You Need Your Own Policy

As a renter, you should have your own renters insurance policy. A well-selected policy could provide you with the following coverages:

  • personal property coverage
  • personal liability coverage
  • medical payments coverage

To find a renters insurance policy in Meridian, ID that includes these coverages, contact us at Idaho Select Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have helped many tenants in the area find a renters insurance policy, and they can help you choose a policy too. After looking at multiple policies from several different insurers, our agents will help you choose the most appropriate one.

To speak with one of our renters insurance agents, call our office or contact us through our website. Once we hear from you, our agents will quickly help you find renters insurance.