How does customizing a motorcycle affect insurance coverage?

How does customizing a motorcycle affect insurance coverage?

When you customize a motorcycle, you can affect the insurance coverage, counsels Idaho Select Insurance, serving Meridian, ID. If you’ve owned a bike before or you used an online quote or estimate service, you still don’t have an accurate idea of the cost of insurance. If you customized after purchasing the bike and the insurance policy, you may have invalidated your policy, or your customizations aren’t covered.

You can fix both of those situations easily by phoning us to let us know you altered your motorcycle. We can help you update your insurance.

Now, we’re not talking about something like putting a trunk on the back of your bike so you can haul a couple of bags of groceries. You’re safe in that. Let’s say you had a custom paint job done. Your beautiful artwork remains uncovered by your insurance until you update it. The same remains true with custom handlebars, custom framework, or engine upgrades.

You definitely don’t want just the minimum coverage on a custom bike. Why? Because minimum insurance, as required by the state, only covers the other guy, so to speak. It consists of liability and property damage insurance that only pays for damage that you caused to another individual’s vehicle or ride.

You need full coverage to cover all the possible damage that could occur to your bike. Collision and comprehensive cover damage to your bike in a no-fault, single vehicle, and named peril situations. You’d have repair or replacement covered if you hit a fencepost or lighting struck your bike.

Before you buy a custom bike or customize your existing bike in Meridian, ID, call us at Idaho Select Insurance. We’ll let you know what the premiums will cost with a custom quote to fit your custom bike.