Protect Your Home This Winter With These Tips

Whether you love the winter wonderland the season brings or you’d rather skip it all together, protecting your home investment is important. There are a handful of ways you can not only avoid potential damage from the snow and wind but improve the energy efficiency of your house as well. At Idaho Select Insurance, we want your home in and around Meridian, ID to be protected. This way, you’ll avoid costly energy bills and other problems. 

Trees Trimmed

This is something you should have done before winter hits. Check the power lines by your house. Are there any tree branches that hang over these lines? Heavy snow or ice can cause branches to snap off onto power lines and the last thing you want to deal with in the dead of winter is no power. Contact your energy company and tell them about the issue. They’ll trim the trees so this isn’t an issue. 

Door and Windows

Apply new weather stripping and fill in cracks around windows. This prevents cold air from the outside entering the home. This will also go a long way in reducing your energy bills throughout the year as well. You’d be amazed as to just how much money this can save you. Plus, it is something you can do all on your own. 

Roof Inspection

Another winter means another season of heavy snow fall. When living around Meridian ID, it can also place a hefty weight on the roof as well. This weight will exploit any current damage to the roof. So, whether there is a soft spot or other damage to the roof, added weight may end up pushing water into the roof which is an expensive repair. Avoid this problem by having your home’s roof inspected.