Why Getting Life Insurance In Your Twenties Is A Smart Financial Move

It is well known that many people who are in their twenties are not even thinking about life insurance. The fact is, most younger people do not think about it because they do not think they need it. However, there are some great financial benefits to purchasing a policy during your twenties and it is something that can benefit you for the remainder of your life. Continue reading to see why you may want to consider purchasing life insurance at a younger stage in life.

  • Younger age equals a lower premium. Younger people do not tend to purchase life insurance, but when they do, they get a great rate because of their younger age. As you get older, the premium amounts increase so it is best to get in on a better rate earlier.
  • Younger age equals better health. When you are younger, you tend to be in much better health than you are when you are older. This is something that is not lost on insurance companies. They know that is costs less to cover you and they pass those savings on to you.
  • The lower your premium is now, the lower it will be later. If you get a great premium in your twenties, your rates will still increase as you get older but they will not increase nearly as much. This is something that you will wish you had done when you were in your twenties because if the savings that continuously add up.

If you are interested in learning more about life insurance as well as exploring your options, contact Idaho Select Insurance serving Meridian, ID. You will be able to see what is available as well as options that fit into your budget.

Who Needs Commercial Insurance?

When it comes to auto insurance there are virtually dozens of different types to consider. There are typically two types of insurance that a normal driver will use and those are full coverage and liability coverage. So what about commercial insurance? Commercial insurance is a bit different from either liability or full coverage on a car that is used for personal use for a few different reasons.

It is helpful to first understand who benefits from holding a commercial insurance policy as opposed to a personal policy. Those that use a car for business only are the first group that benefits from commercial insurance. The real significance in this is that commercial policies are going to protect and cover more than just your medical bills in the event of an accident.

Commercial insurance works to help protect your business, your employees, your property, and more in the event of an accident. Commercial insurance is designed to help protect those that do have a business in the event of an accident by providing higher liability coverage. This will help keep your business from being sued in the event of an accident and will help to place the liability on the operator of the vehicle rather than on the business itself.

Those that live in Meridian, ID can benefit from talking with helpful agents at Idaho Select Insurance to see what policies will work best for their individual needs. Having a good commercial policy in effect is essential for those that have cars that are driven by people other than those that own them, that transport people for a fee, or that have vehicles that do not fit the requirements for personal policies. Knowing what coverage you need can help save you a great deal of hassle.


Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

If you intend on owning and riding a motorcycle in and around Meridian, ID, you need to make sure you have the right kind of insurance coverage. If not, you may be ticketed even if you are not doing anything else wrong. It also is a safety precaution for other drivers on the road. At Idaho Select Insurance, where are here to make sure you understand all of the legal requirements within the state of Idaho. 

Establishment Financial Responsibility

For starters, you must establish financial responsibility. There are a few ways to do this. First, you can take out self-insurance coverage, although this only covers individuals who own at least 25 vehicles under their name. The next is to make a cash deposit to the State Treasurer, obtain a security bond with an authorized in-state broker, or to obtain liability insurance (which is generally the easiest and least expensive up front option). 

Minimum Insurance Requirements

There are a few different minimum liability insurance requirements you need to know about. This is $25,000 for an injury or death to one person, $50,000 for an injury or death to two people and $15,000 for damage to property. 

Additional Coverage

Outside of the liability insurance coverage or proving you have the financial assets to pay for liability, that is the only real kind of insurance you need. Now, if you want to protect yourself in the event of an accident or other kind of incident with your motorcycle, there are other kinds of coverage available to you within Idaho. You should consider collision, comprehensive, medical payment coverage and towing and labor insurance packages. 

Remember, when you are riding your motorcycle, you always need to carry proof of financial responsibility with you at all time to show to an officer if you are pulled over. 

The benefits of boat coverage during the summer

Summer is always a glorious time, the days lengthen and get warmer, vacations are planned, and life gets easier. This makes summer the perfect time for many activities such as boating, but like all things boating can be a high-risk activity. And although in the state of Idaho, boating is insurance not required by law, you can never guarantee the protection of one of your biggest investments without it.

Some of the concerns arising for boats is the possibility of damaging the boat itself and or someone else’s. And although your boat may have been inexpensive, damaging someone else’s property could cost a lot.  Also, the chance of loss or theft has increased among boat owners, especially with those who generate income through it. All things considered, there are many odds against those who decide to not ensure their boats.

You want an insurance company that is with you in every situation. An insurance that may cover almost every issue that you may come across this summer while boating. Now serving the Meridian, Idaho area, Idaho select insurance understands the business and the active state of Idaho. With a boat being a smaller investment than a house, but a larger investment than a car, and you want to make sure that you’re protected. 

The is summer fast approaching, and nobody wants the stress of trying to enjoy themselves at a risk. With Idaho select insurance, we remove that pressure from you. In the Meridian area, we would love for old clientage to return and testify of our services. And of course, we wish for new services as others join our team. Be protected today, and have us deliver a stress-free summer.


Time Vs. Money, How to Give What You Can in the New Year

Stories of people giving back were in abundance on social media during the holiday season. From the person who paid off a families entire lay-aways, to secret Santas who went well above what was asked to make a child’s Christmas special. Many people who would have liked to give, did not know where to start. It is important to know that the spirit of giving can last all year, and any one can give something.

Unexpected Ways to Give Back

  • Time is a valuable commodity. There are many ways to give your time if money is tight. There are soup kitchens that are always looking for extra hands, families that are in dire need of baby siting, schools that could use extra tutors to help the teachers during the day. Almost every agency that serves people could use good people to give some of their time.
  • If you are not comfortable just handing money to a family or person you know is struggling then paying one of their bills can help them keep their heads above water long enough to get on their feet. Examples of things that fall in the wayside during times of unemployment or underemployment are insurance, utilities such as power and phone, and even water. Keeping these things current is important for many reasons, including the fact that they need these basic things to be able to search for and obtain a job to begin with.
  • Assisting someone specifically in a job search is a way to give back that many people choose because it means a brighter future. A day spent driving someone to interviews, helping them with childcare, and offering advice can mean faster gainful employment.

Giving back does not have to look like a pile of cash, it can take many forms and still be helpful to a person in need. Idaho Select Insurance is a personal agency who takes pride in offering their customers fast service in the Meridian, ID area. Make sure you are insured by someone in your own community for fast personal results every time.



Don’t Rely on Your Roommate’s Renters Insurance Policy

Even though it’s one of the best ways to protect yourself if you rent an apartment or townhome, many people who lease a place in Meridian, ID don’t have renters insurance. Sometimes, we at Idaho Select Insurance hear renters justify not carrying a renters insurance policy by noting that their roommate has insurance. Relying on your roommate’s renters insurance policy is never a good idea, though, because it might not cover you.

Your Roommate’s Policy Is Theirs

Your roommate’s renters insurance policy is their policy, not your policy. They selected the policy and pay its premiums, and they’re the policyholder. As such, the policy insures them. It likely doesn’t insure you.

If you’re expecting your roommate’s policy to provide you with coverage, you could be in trouble if something happened. It likely doesn’t extend coverage to you. If your apartment was ever broken into or caught fire, you might have to pay for all the damages and losses yourself.

You Need Your Own Policy

As a renter, you should have your own renters insurance policy. A well-selected policy could provide you with the following coverages:

  • personal property coverage
  • personal liability coverage
  • medical payments coverage

To find a renters insurance policy in Meridian, ID that includes these coverages, contact us at Idaho Select Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have helped many tenants in the area find a renters insurance policy, and they can help you choose a policy too. After looking at multiple policies from several different insurers, our agents will help you choose the most appropriate one.

To speak with one of our renters insurance agents, call our office or contact us through our website. Once we hear from you, our agents will quickly help you find renters insurance.


Get Renters Insurance and Protect More Than Your Belongings

For tenants, renters insurance provides a host of protections that would otherwise be unavailable to people who lease an apartment or townhouse. Some landlords require their tenants to carry renters insurance, but even renters who aren’t bound to get a policy should look in to this. Here’s a look at the coverage options that renters insurance affords tenants, along with how to find an affordable policy.

Protecting More Than Your Belongings

Many tenants purchase renters insurance to provide coverage for their personal possessions such as their clothes, furniture, electronics, and other belongings. This coverage alone ought to be reason enough to get a policy, but it is hardly the only protection available through renters insurance. Coverage can vary, but a policy you look at might include any or all of the following choices:

  • personal liability coverage
  • medical payments coverage
  • additional living expenses coverage

Together, these coverage options can create a robust policy that provides protection from many risks, such as theft, fire, vandalism and covered accidents.

Finding the Coverage You Need

The specific coverage you need will depend on your personal situation, including where you live, what you own and how much money you have saved. For help determining what coverage and limits makes the most sense for you, contact us at Idaho Select Insurance, LLC. Our independent insurance agents have helped many tenants in Meridian, ID, and they’re ready to assist you.

Because we only have independent insurance agents at our office, you know you’ll get the best deal on renters insurance when you shop for a policy with us. Our agents will compare all of the policies that provide the coverage you need, quickly identifying which ones have the lowest premiums. They’ll then review the policies with you and help you select one. To talk with an agent, contact us at Idaho Select Insurance, LLC today.