Does my moped need insurance?

Why Mopeds Need Insurance, Too

Sure, Idaho requires insurance for your motorcycle, but did you know that you also need to insure your moped?

Idaho Select Insurance of Meridian, ID wants you to understand that regardless of the vehicle’s motor size if the police find you at fault for an accident, you must pay for the damages. If your child causes the accident, you must pay for the damages as their parent or guardian.

A motorcycle has two-wheels at least a 50 cubic centimeters motor and can hit speeds of 30 miles per hour or greater on a flat surface. A moped is anything less than that. That means your teen could ride a 49cc bike to school traveling at its top speed of 29 miles per hour and be within the law. It also means they could cause an accident leaving you completely liable for the damages and medical bills. That is why you need insurance for your mopeds, too.

Since the state does not require it, you can pick any insurance level you want for a moped, but the best starting point is the state minimum insurance for liability and bodily injury.

You know how your child or teen rides. That means you might want to add comprehensive coverage and collision insurance to the policy you obtain. That protects the moped from damage if your child hits a fence or leaves it under the tree and branches fall on it during a storm causing damage. The insurance pays to repair or replace the bike. 

Get the motorcycle insurance, you need today. Contact Idaho Select Insurance of Meridian, ID for help getting the coverage you need.