How to Get Boat Insurance in Idaho

As most boat owners already know, there’s really nothing as refreshing and exhilarating as zipping around a lake, nor is there anything as calming as just sitting on gently rocking waters. In order to truly enjoy these things, however, you shouldn’t be worrying about what you’re going to do if disaster strikes. But boat insurance is a bit of a different animal than car insurance, and there are some different steps to getting a policy for your boat. Those of us at Idaho Select Insurance are here to tell you what you need to know about getting the coverage you need in the Meridian, ID region:

Is Boat Insurance Required?

In Idaho, boat insurance is actually not mandated by law. That said, some lakes and private water areas still require boaters to have at least some form of coverage should they get into an accident of any kind. Likewise, those who plan on taking their boat on trips to other states will want to look into insurance for safety reasons, as well as cooperating with other state laws. 

You Must Have a Specific Boat Insurance Policy

Because boats are personal property, many people mistakenly assume that they can have their boat covered under their home insurance policy or even get it written into a general vehicle policy. But the truth is that boats are considered under the law and by insurers to be in a separate category of their own, and therefore you must have a specific boat insurance policy in order to have your vessel covered. Regardless of whether your boat is for business or pleasure, those who use their vessel even semi-regularly will want to protect their purchase with insurance.

Policies Are Not ‘One Size Fits All’

Let’s face it– there are many different kinds of boats, and people use them for a wide variety of purposes. Like other kinds of insurance policies, boat coverage is not generalized enough to cover everyone. When sitting down with an experienced insurance agent, such as those at Idaho Select Insurance, you should be ready with details like how much you use your boat and for what purposes, the size of the boat and the model, the boat’s age and maintenance records, etc. Serving the Meridian, ID area and beyond, we’ll help you find the perfect policy for your boating needs.