Who Needs Flood Insurance?

Meridian, ID residents do not need to purchase flood insurance as a requirement of the law. Still, your lender may compel you to buy a policy, particularly if the government backs them. 

Even if your home is paid for, it’s vital to understand that flooding is not covered under a standard homeowners policy. Your knowledgeable Idaho Select Insurance agent can assess your situation to determine the needed coverage.

It’s essential to identify your property on the FEMA map, a resource created by the government that records the topography of the United States and contains information related to flooding history. 

This is updated every five years to reflect changes to the climate and resulting rainfall and erosion. It will also contain data regarding the past frequency of flooding and the elevation to assist us in making predictions for future events, their prevalence, and their intensity. 

People who live in low-lying areas, categorized as flood planes, need to consider flood insurance, and this is especially true if you live close to a river or a creek that can rise. Torrential rain can also cause wet water streams to appear suddenly in certain places. 

Spring thaws after significant snow accumulation can create conditions where gullies overflow their boundaries, and ditches and culverts on roadsides can also flood during heavy downpours. People at the bottom of hills on city streets may experience flooding when there is insufficient drainage or sewage systems to move water away from the asphalt. 

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