Three common misconceptions about motorcycle insurance

Purchasing the right motorcycle insurance policy is vital to provide financial protection for buyers. Unfortunately, there is some misinformation out there about motorcycle insurance that could lead bikers to make poor decisions about insurance coverage. 

At Idaho Select Insurance, we can assist you with finding the information you need about motorcycle insurance in Meridian, ID. The following are three common misconceptions to be aware of about motorcycle insurance. 

You should cancel your motorcycle insurance policy in the winter.

Canceling your motorcycle insurance policy in the winter if you do not use your bike during this season is not a good idea. Remember that the DMV will be notified if you cancel your insurance policy. This could make it so that your registration is no longer valid.

Canceling your motorcycle insurance in the off-season can create some complications for you that could make this a bad idea. 

A motorcycle insurance policy continues to provide coverage when another biker uses a motorcycle.

You cannot assume that your motorcycle insurance policy will still be valid if you loan your bike to a friend. The incident might not be covered if a claim is filed for an incident that occurred when your friend was using your bike.

If you plan on loaning your bike to other riders, discussing this with your insurance company is essential. 

Minimum coverage is adequate when it comes to motorcycle insurance.

Bikers sometimes think their motorcycle is small and won’t cause much damage. This leads them to believe that minimum coverage is adequate.

Remember that minimum coverage only provides liability insurance. This does not protect the value of your motorcycle. That’s why it’s always good to invest in more than minimum coverage. 

To learn more about motorcycle insurance in Meridian, ID, browse our website at Idaho Select Insurance. We’re eager to assist you with finding the ideal motorcycle insurance solution for your needs.