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Common questions about flood insurance

The most common question about flood insurance is, do I need it? While homeowners whose property is located in a flood zone have an easy answer of yes, for others, the question isn’t as straightforward. Even if your lender doesn’t require you to have a floor policy, there are still several good reasons to do so. Flood damage can be pervasive and difficult to remediate. Having a flood policy in place can help you repair a home that a flood has damaged.

Another common question is, doesn’t my homeowner’s policy provide coverage for flood damage? This is typically not the case. Even the most comprehensive home policies usually have exclusions related to damage and losses caused by flood water. This is not something that everyone knows, and it is a fact that can cause a lot of stress when they find out they are lacking coverage after an event has occurred. 

If you are wondering if you should add a flood insurance policy to your current homeowner’s protection, it’s worth researching the topic. Sitting down with your local agent is an effective way to learn more. 

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