Do You Need Flood Insurance

When it comes to your home, there are many kinds of insurance options available. While you already have standard home owner’s insurance, there are other additions you need to consider. One of the most commonly selected insurance add on is flood insurance. However, you may wonder whether or not you need floor insurance. The team at Idaho Select Insurance is here to help you decide how to protect your home, whether you live in or around Meridian, ID. 

What Flood Insurance Protects

Naturally, flood insurance protects your home in the event of a natural disaster, such as heavy rain or even after a major thaw that leaves all the snow melting right on your property. 

Beyond an actual natural disaster through your home may flood from a burst pipe. Perhaps your pipes freeze and burst when you’re on vacation. Or the pipes leak next to your property and causes the foundation to slide and crack. All of these are major issues that regular home owner’s insurance may not protect. That is why you need to consider flood insurance. 

Damage To Your Property

Flooding isn’t about removing the water from your property. No matter how long the water has pooled up it will cause all kinds of damage to your home. You’ll need to replace flooring, carpet and even the wood and drywall. You might need to have mold spores removed from the property, and you’ll need the foundation checked. Whatever the issue might be, you need to have it repaired and restored before it does more damage. 

Flood insurance is a valuable investment when it comes to your home. Whether you live in or around greater Meridian, ID, the team at Idaho Select Insurance is here to help you determine what works best for your particular home.