What Is Flood Insurance Supposed to Cover?

Do you need flood insurance? If you have flood insurance, what does it cover?

These are common questions for homeowners, even in Meridian, ID. In light of that, we at Idaho Select Insurance want to give you some quick and easy answers.

Types of Flood Insurance

The first thing to understand is that a flood insurance policy does not cover damage from all water sources. It is intended to cover against damage brought on by a flood. Specifically, that means water from weather events. If a pipe bursts in your house and causes a flood, flood insurance usually does not cover that.

Things get even more complicated when a weather-related flood causes a plumbing problem that floods a house. This type of thing is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The short answer is that extreme weather events that cause flooding are covered while other sources of water and flooding typically are not.

Types of Damage from Flood Insurance

Flood insurance also looks at different types of damage. It might cover building damage or building contents (or both).

Building damage refers to the building and its infrastructure. This type of coverage might help you repair damaged plumbing, replace walls, and carry out any other repairs related to the structure itself.

Content damage refers to things you own in the house, like clothing or furniture. Plenty of flood policies offer help with this type of coverage, too.

There is one exception to note. Generally, flood insurance does not cover flood damage within a basement.

Remember That Policies Vary

That’s the gist of what you can expect from flood insurance, but it’s important to remember that policies always vary. On top of how they vary by provider, flood policies vary by location. After all, a place like Miami has different flooding risks and concerns than Boise or Meridian, ID. Considering that, it’s always important to review your exact policy.

If anything is unclear, you can always speak with an expert. You can talk with your Idaho Select Insurance representative and discuss any questions you have regarding flood insurance. We’ll be happy to hear from you.