Are Foundation Damage Repairs Covered By Home Insurance?

Meridian, ID homes require foundations to protect them from sinking into the ground. Unfortunately, damage to foundations can be expensive to repair, but we at Idaho Select Insurance can help you understand how insurance can protect you from this investment.

Coverage Can Be Tricky

Foundation damage that occurs over time – such as general wear and tear – is not covered by home insurance because that is considered a maintenance problem. This is true even if your home suffers from foundation repair in spite of maintenance procedures.

Home insurance will kick in when your foundation is damaged by floods or earthquakes, but you’ll need separately polices individual to these disasters. Failure to have these policies will make the damage to your foundation a problem you’re liable to pay to repair.

The Use Of Endorsements Can Help

Endorsements can be added to your policy to help protect your foundation against specific perils that may impact its structure. These endorsements cost a little more to add to your policy but are the most effective way to protect your foundation when it needs repairs.

For example, endorsements could cover you if sewer problems impact your foundation and cause damage to it. However, this is only true if your endorsement specifically covers the peril that affects your foundation. As a result, multiple endorsements are likely to be necessary.

Earth Movement And Ground Cover Collapse Coverage Are Possible

Other specific types of coverage you can purchase include earth movement and ground cover collapse coverage. These policies cover foundation damage caused by the earth and soil around the foundation moving suddenly without your influence, such as the occurrence of sinkholes. While these additions will add money to your policy, they are worth it for their protective power.

If your Meridian, ID needs protection against foundation damage, please contact Idaho Select Insurance. We can help you manage your claim and protect you from serious home damage.