Umbrella Insurance Myths To Avoid While Researching Policies

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Umbrella Insurance Myths To Avoid

As you navigate life’s challenges as a Meridian, ID resident, an unexpected event may occur that causes problems. Umbrella insurance is beneficial because it offers a safety net if a disaster occurs. Primarily, the policy will cover you if you are involved in a potential liability dispute. While you are researching policies, avoid some of the misinformation out there regarding umbrella insurance.

Umbrella Insurance Is Only For Wealthy People

This is incorrect. Umbrella insurance is an asset regardless of your income. Accidents can occur regardless of your income level. Umbrella insurance protects your assets if someone falls while visiting your home or if your pet accidentally bites someone.

I Can Use Umbrella Coverage As A Substitute For Another Policy

This is incorrect. Umbrella Insurance does not act as a substitute for another type of policy. Umbrella insurance assists you if you are involved in a serious liability issue that could potentially impact your home or auto policy. Umbrella insurance does not actually take the place of your home or auto insurance policy.

Umbrella Insurance Covers Personal Items

This is incorrect. Umbrella insurance does not cover any damages to your personal items. The policy is not intended to cover your personal items if they are stolen. You can only use umbrella insurance to protect your assets if you are involved in a serious liability dispute.

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