Are You Required to Have Renter’s Insurance?

Do you rent an apartment or a home in Meridian, ID? If so, it is a wise idea to have a renter’s insurance policy. However, one of the most common questions we get from our policyholders is whether or not this type of coverage is required. Here’s what you need to know about getting a renter’s insurance policy from Idaho Select Insurance.

Is Renter’s Insurance Required?

Unlike auto insurance, there’s no specific law stating that you have to carry renter’s insurance. Frankly, the State of Colorado doesn’t care if you don’t have protection for your personal stuff.  However, your apartment complex or leasing company could still require that you have it. Why is this possible?

Most property managers specifically add this to their lease contracts to protect tenants. If there’s a fire, serious storm, or other incidents that renders your home unlivable, they want to make sure that you have protections in place to find temporary lodging and replace your personal belongings. 

What If Your Property Manager Doesn’t Require Renter’s Insurance?

If your lease doesn’t specifically require renter’s insurance, it is still a good idea to go ahead and get a policy. This type of insurance helps replace your personal property in the event of a claim, which can be helpful if you ever experience theft or otherwise have to replace these items.

In addition, there’s a very good chance you could save money on your auto insurance. A lot of major carriers offer a discount for those who have multiple policy lines, which means you could find yourself saving money just for adding this extra layer of protection.

Do you have more questions about buying renter’s insurance in Meridian, ID? Please contact our team at Idaho Select Insurance today to schedule an appointment.