Why Everyone Should Be Thinking About Flood Insurance

Relying on the “official” flood maps produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) may be a terrible mistake for many homeowners. FEMA creates these maps of flood zones, which are used by lenders to require homeowners to carry flood insurance to qualify for home mortgage financing.

The agents at Idaho Select Insurance, serving Meridian, ID and the surrounding area, can help with flood insurance coverage. You probably need this insurance, even if the lender does not require it.

Flood Maps are Out-of-Date

In 2017, Bloomberg reported that up to 80% of the FEMA maps were out-of-date and that FEMA was struggling to update the maps in the face of budgetary problems and the lack of sufficient staff.

The goal of FEMA is to update the maps at least once in every five years; however, due to the severe weather patterns caused by climate change, floods are now happening in areas that have not seen flooding for the past 100 years or sometimes up to 500 years.

The recent Midwest flooding destroyed millions of acres of farms that were, in some cases, tens of miles from the river banks.

Damage Caused by a Few Inches of Water

Flooding that enters a home of only a few inches of water does an enormous amount of damage to furniture, carpeting, flooring, sub-flooring, the foundation, and all the support system for the home that may include the electrical wiring. Once mold and mildew sets in, the only way to get rid of these problems is to rip everything out and put in new construction materials.

Coverage for Homes Not in a Flood Zone

The good news is that generally speaking homes that are not located in an official flood zone can usually get flood insurance by making a modest investment. Find out more about flood insurance for your home by contacting an agent at Idaho Select Insurance in Meridian, ID to get a quote for flood insurance. It is better to have flood insurance now for almost any home.