Reasons you may need to increase your liability coverage

Homeownership comes with risks, but you can feel safe with the right home insurance. There are some things. However, that can increase the amount of risk you face. When you have increased risk, it is vital that you also raise the amount of liability coverage you have so that your assets are protected. At Idaho Select Insurance in Meridian, ID, we offer our customers the benefit of our experience in home insurance liability. As independent insurance agents, we also offer more options. 

Man’s best friend

So you’ve always dreamed of having a dog, and now that you have a home, the time seems right. It is hard to imagine that a dog could be why you need more liability insurance on your home. In reality, some dogs are considered so high a risk that your home insurance won’t even insure them. Hopefully, you need to check with your insurance agent before you get your dog. Choosing a breed that will at least be covered is a good idea, and realizing that you need more liability insurance is also vital for your financial security. 

A trampoline

Kids love them. There is no doubt about that. Even some adults can’t resist jumping on one if they see it. Unfortunately, injuries are too common as people bounce themselves off the trampoline and land on the ground, or land badly and injure themselves. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

Swimming pool

Even with fencing, making a swimming pool 100% safe is hard. Kids climb, and so do teens, and, in the warm weather, a pool is a great temptation. Injuries and drowning happen way too often. You need to protect yourself with enough liability coverage. 

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