Do I Need Boat Insurance in Idaho?

According to the law, you’re not required to have boat insurance in Idaho. However, boating has many risks, and it’s good to know that you don’t have to pay for damages out of pocket in case of an accident. At Idaho Select Insurance in Meridian, ID, we are happy to help you understand the different policies available to cover your vessel.

Advantages of Boat Insurance Coverage

There are many advantages to maintaining coverage for your small or large watercraft. Although you don’t have to have boat insurance in Idaho, your lender will probably require it if you’re still paying off the loan. Additionally, you can add coverage to pay for damages inflicted by an uninsured boater.

Taking a boater safety course can significantly lower the cost of insurance. For more information on optimizing your boat insurance coverage, contact one of our knowledgeable agents.

Types of Boat Insurance

There are three basic types of boat insurance: property, liability, and medical. However, there are other policies available to meet your preferences.

Property Insurance for Your Boat

Your property insurance covers the physical components of your boat, including the hall, furnishings, permanently attached equipment, machinery, and fittings.

Liability Coverage

If you cause an accident on the water, liability coverage can prevent financial losses by paying for related damages to other vessels.

Medical Payments Coverage

If you or your passengers sustain injuries while enjoying time on your boat, medical payment coverage can pay for the resulting hospital bills and other medical expenses.

Uninsured Watercraft Coverage

If an uninsured watercraft collides with your boat, you can pay for damages out of pocket. However, you can also add uninsured watercraft coverage to handle this contingency.

Contact Idaho Select Insurance in Meridian, ID to learn more about boat insurance or to get your coverage started today!