Time Vs. Money, How to Give What You Can in the New Year

Stories of people giving back were in abundance on social media during the holiday season. From the person who paid off a families entire lay-aways, to secret Santas who went well above what was asked to make a child’s Christmas special. Many people who would have liked to give, did not know where to start. It is important to know that the spirit of giving can last all year, and any one can give something.

Unexpected Ways to Give Back

  • Time is a valuable commodity. There are many ways to give your time if money is tight. There are soup kitchens that are always looking for extra hands, families that are in dire need of baby siting, schools that could use extra tutors to help the teachers during the day. Almost every agency that serves people could use good people to give some of their time.
  • If you are not comfortable just handing money to a family or person you know is struggling then paying one of their bills can help them keep their heads above water long enough to get on their feet. Examples of things that fall in the wayside during times of unemployment or underemployment are insurance, utilities such as power and phone, and even water. Keeping these things current is important for many reasons, including the fact that they need these basic things to be able to search for and obtain a job to begin with.
  • Assisting someone specifically in a job search is a way to give back that many people choose because it means a brighter future. A day spent driving someone to interviews, helping them with childcare, and offering advice can mean faster gainful employment.

Giving back does not have to look like a pile of cash, it can take many forms and still be helpful to a person in need. Idaho Select Insurance is a personal agency who takes pride in offering their customers fast service in the Meridian, ID area. Make sure you are insured by someone in your own community for fast personal results every time.