Can roommates buy renters insurance together?

Considerations For Shared Renters Insurance Policies

Many companies offer renters insurance policies that roommates can share, making them a convenient and cost-effective solution for many. However, several factors must be taken into account before deciding on a shared policy. The Idaho Select Insurance team, serving the Meridian, ID area, is here to guide you through these considerations.

The Pros And Cons Of Roommates Sharing A Policy

Roommates commonly share renters insurance policies for the convenience of having a single bill and the potential for cost savings. However, difficulties may arise. For example, who is responsible for the continued premium payments if one roommate moves out? Disagreements on cost-sharing can ensue, particularly if one roommate owns more valuable items than the other.

Implications of Shared Policy on Your Insurance Record

Another crucial consideration is the impact of making a claim on a shared policy. When your name is on the shared policy, every claim becomes part of your seven-year insurance record; a roommate’s claim also forms part of your long-term insurance history. This element is particularly significant if you do not have a well-established relationship with your roommate(s), as a shared policy is a joint legal obligation.

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