Get Renters Insurance and Protect More Than Your Belongings

For tenants, renters insurance provides a host of protections that would otherwise be unavailable to people who lease an apartment or townhouse. Some landlords require their tenants to carry renters insurance, but even renters who aren’t bound to get a policy should look in to this. Here’s a look at the coverage options that renters insurance affords tenants, along with how to find an affordable policy.

Protecting More Than Your Belongings

Many tenants purchase renters insurance to provide coverage for their personal possessions such as their clothes, furniture, electronics, and other belongings. This coverage alone ought to be reason enough to get a policy, but it is hardly the only protection available through renters insurance. Coverage can vary, but a policy you look at might include any or all of the following choices:

  • personal liability coverage
  • medical payments coverage
  • additional living expenses coverage

Together, these coverage options can create a robust policy that provides protection from many risks, such as theft, fire, vandalism and covered accidents.

Finding the Coverage You Need

The specific coverage you need will depend on your personal situation, including where you live, what you own and how much money you have saved. For help determining what coverage and limits makes the most sense for you, contact us at Idaho Select Insurance, LLC. Our independent insurance agents have helped many tenants in Meridian, ID, and they’re ready to assist you.

Because we only have independent insurance agents at our office, you know you’ll get the best deal on renters insurance when you shop for a policy with us. Our agents will compare all of the policies that provide the coverage you need, quickly identifying which ones have the lowest premiums. They’ll then review the policies with you and help you select one. To talk with an agent, contact us at Idaho Select Insurance, LLC today.