All you need to know about umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance is the type of insurance that provides you with extra coverage on top of your personal insurance, such as auto insurance, home insurance, boat/watercraft insurance, and more. Umbrella insurance kicks in and covers the additional costs once you reach the limits of your primary insurance policy. 

If you are thinking of purchasing umbrella insurance, here is a list of some things you should know about it:

What Should You Know About Umbrella Insurance?

Here are the most important facts about this type of insurance:

  • It applies to you and other people living in the household. If you have a spouse, children, or other people in your care, umbrella insurance also applies to them. 
  • There are certain things that umbrella insurance covers. A typical umbrella insurance policy covers injuries to someone else, damages to someone’s property, defamation, false imprisonment, landlord liability, and some other things. 
  • Umbrella insurance has limits and does not cover everything. For example, umbrella insurance does not cover the policyholder’s injuries and damages. Other types of insurance and coverage will cover them. It also won’t cover liability associated with your business unless you carry a special business umbrella policy. 

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