Is whole life insurance right for you?

If you live in the Meridian, ID area and are wondering if a whole life insurance policy is right for you, it’s time to get to know the team at Idaho Select Insurance. A whole life insurance policy offers many advantages that can help protect your family now and in the future. Give us a call today and find out more!

Is a whole life policy the right move for you and your family?

One of the main advantages of a whole life insurance policy is the cash benefit. In addition to a death benefit, a whole life policy can build cash for as long as the policy is in force. This means that there are living benefits that you and your family could take advantage of. Many people use the cash proceeds from their whole life policies for significant life expenses like college tuition, home renovations, and retirement. 

Parents with young children are rightly concerned about protecting their families from the untimely death of either parent. But, with a whole life policy, there are benefits available throughout the insured lifetime. A whole life policy may be right for you and your family if you want to accumulate cash while preparing for an untimely death. The premiums can be greater than those of a term life insurance policy, but the benefits are also more significant. It can be a great way to prepare for the future.

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Reasons you may need to increase your liability coverage

Homeownership comes with risks, but you can feel safe with the right home insurance. There are some things. However, that can increase the amount of risk you face. When you have increased risk, it is vital that you also raise the amount of liability coverage you have so that your assets are protected. At Idaho Select Insurance in Meridian, ID, we offer our customers the benefit of our experience in home insurance liability. As independent insurance agents, we also offer more options. 

Man’s best friend

So you’ve always dreamed of having a dog, and now that you have a home, the time seems right. It is hard to imagine that a dog could be why you need more liability insurance on your home. In reality, some dogs are considered so high a risk that your home insurance won’t even insure them. Hopefully, you need to check with your insurance agent before you get your dog. Choosing a breed that will at least be covered is a good idea, and realizing that you need more liability insurance is also vital for your financial security. 

A trampoline

Kids love them. There is no doubt about that. Even some adults can’t resist jumping on one if they see it. Unfortunately, injuries are too common as people bounce themselves off the trampoline and land on the ground, or land badly and injure themselves. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

Swimming pool

Even with fencing, making a swimming pool 100% safe is hard. Kids climb, and so do teens, and, in the warm weather, a pool is a great temptation. Injuries and drowning happen way too often. You need to protect yourself with enough liability coverage. 

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4 Add-ons to Consider for Your Auto Insurance

While your auto insurance does an incredible job of protecting you and your vehicle, sometimes it can fall short. However, don’t worry because insurance has “add-ons” which can boost your auto insurance policy to make up for the shortcomings of your coverage. Considering auto insurance add-ons in Meridian, ID? Idaho Select Insurance gives a rundown of 4 “riders” you can consider to enhance your auto insurance policy.

Depreciation cover

Have you ever wondered about the value your insurer will compensate you if your car is totaled or stolen? The value will likely be less the depreciation factor, meaning you have to top up if you want a similar vehicle like yours. It’s never good news to know you will pay more out-of-pocket expenses beyond the deductible. Luckily, you can consider the deprecation cover “rider” to cushion you against depreciation when the insurer compensates you when your vehicle is stolen or totaled.

Roadside assistance

Suppose your vehicle acts up while miles away from your residence. The first instinct is to call your relatives and friends, but they may be too far to offer any help. But guess what? If you have a flat tire, dead battery, or run out of gas, you don’t have to spend hours stranded on the road. Invest in roadside assistance coverage, and car breakdowns don’t have to hold you hostage on the road.

Custom parts and equipment coverage

If you are into tuning or “modding” your car, you should invest in this coverage. Typical car insurance only covers built-in or “stock” parts. In light of this, if you have custom seats or a state-of-the-art sound system, consider custom parts coverage.

Gap insurance

If your car is totaled, your insurance will write you a check for the value of your vehicle at your time. If you have an outstanding loan that’s more than the insurance compensation, you will have to top up the difference from your pocket unless you have gap insurance.

Want to consider auto insurance add-ons in Meridian, ID? Please get in touch with Idaho Select Insurance.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance in Meridian, ID?

Umbrella insurance is extra liability protection that steps in when your other coverages deplete. Its commonly referred to as personal or excess liability. Everyone needs to think of liability risk and what they should do in the event of a considerable accident. Without a proper policy, significant liability claims can deplete your assets. If you live in Meridian, ID, one way to protect yourself against these liability risks is to have umbrella insurance. But is umbrella insurance for everyone? Let’s look at who needs umbrella insurance prepared by Idaho Select Insurance.

  • Anyone at risk of non-covered occurrences: Your other home and auto insurance policy only covers some liability risk. Umbrella insurance will be good for you if you risk non-covered liabilities like libel or slander.
  • If you have assets: If the insurance you carry is less than the total value of your assets, then you need umbrella insurance to protect your investments.
  • If you own a business: Besides commercial insurance, umbrella insurance is also ideal for business owners. Your services or products may cause harm to your customers, which may result in costly lawsuits. Your umbrella insurance will step in such cases.

Other reasons why you need umbrella insurance include:

  • If you own a pet, swimming pool, or have a teenage driver, then umbrella insurance make sense for you
  • If you entertain people in your home, you are also at risk of lawsuits
  • If you participate in dangerous sports

Umbrella Insurance in Meridian, ID

Umbrella insurance is worth the investment. Besides the many benefits it comes with, it is pretty affordable. If you are in Meridian, ID, and looking for umbrella insurance, look no further than Idaho Select Insurance. Call us today for a quote.

What does renters insurance cover?

Renters insurance is similar to any insurance policy in that it’s designed to protect you and your belongings. However, unlike homeowners insurance, renters insurance isn’t designed to protect the structure/dwelling itself, just the property within the structure. Many renters opt out of investing in this type of coverage. However, there are many benefits and protections that this form of insurance provides. Our team at Idaho Select Insurance is committed to educating Meridian, ID renters on the protection and benefits that renters insurance can provide. 

What is Covered Under Renters Insurance?

Renters’ insurance is designed to provide three different forms of coverage/protection. It provides coverage for your personal property, additional living expenses if you have to leave your dwelling due to damage or if it becomes uninhabitable, and liability coverage and protection for injuries or damages to other people’s property while at your dwelling. 

Renters insurance also provides coverage for damage or losses you may incur as a result of certain natural disasters or perils. These natural disasters include windstorms, hail, fire, lightning, snow/ice collapse, and rain. Other coverage includes smoke damage and damage caused by falling objects. Theft is also covered under a renters’ insurance policy. 

In other words, if you’re forced to leave your location or dwelling because it’s uninhabitable, renters insurance will cover your displacement by paying for your living space. It will also cover the theft of items outside of your home. It also provides liability protection for people who visit your home and get injured or suffer damage to their personal property. If you have questions about renters insurance, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions and discuss your options. 

How does customizing a motorcycle affect insurance coverage?

How does customizing a motorcycle affect insurance coverage?

When you customize a motorcycle, you can affect the insurance coverage, counsels Idaho Select Insurance, serving Meridian, ID. If you’ve owned a bike before or you used an online quote or estimate service, you still don’t have an accurate idea of the cost of insurance. If you customized after purchasing the bike and the insurance policy, you may have invalidated your policy, or your customizations aren’t covered.

You can fix both of those situations easily by phoning us to let us know you altered your motorcycle. We can help you update your insurance.

Now, we’re not talking about something like putting a trunk on the back of your bike so you can haul a couple of bags of groceries. You’re safe in that. Let’s say you had a custom paint job done. Your beautiful artwork remains uncovered by your insurance until you update it. The same remains true with custom handlebars, custom framework, or engine upgrades.

You definitely don’t want just the minimum coverage on a custom bike. Why? Because minimum insurance, as required by the state, only covers the other guy, so to speak. It consists of liability and property damage insurance that only pays for damage that you caused to another individual’s vehicle or ride.

You need full coverage to cover all the possible damage that could occur to your bike. Collision and comprehensive cover damage to your bike in a no-fault, single vehicle, and named peril situations. You’d have repair or replacement covered if you hit a fencepost or lighting struck your bike.

Before you buy a custom bike or customize your existing bike in Meridian, ID, call us at Idaho Select Insurance. We’ll let you know what the premiums will cost with a custom quote to fit your custom bike.

Flood Insurance: What’s Included and What’s Not

In the United States, floods are considered the most common of the natural disasters that occur. Don’t assume that because you don’t live in a flood zone you aren’t at risk for flood damage. It only takes an inch or two of water to result in considerable damage. Unfortunately, basic home insurance policies won’t cut it. Instead, flood insurance offered by Idaho Select Insurance should be purchased by Meridian, ID homeowners.

What Is Included with Flood Insurance?

You can purchase flood insurance for your property, personal possessions, or both. You can invest in a flood insurance policy for your home that will offer protection against damage to the foundation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, appliances, flooring, and much more. You can also invest in a personal property policy for your possessions that will offer protection against damage to your furniture, clothing, electronics, and more. You may also have coverage for high-value items like jewelry and artwork. 

What Is Not Included with Flood Insurance?

Similar to the way your home and auto insurance policies work, there are some exclusions included in a flood insurance policy. For instance, items that are kept in a safe deposit box or a bank are not covered, in addition to damage related to a septic system, sewer backup, pools, hot tubs, wells, etc. Further, as a homeowner, you are required to show you took reasonable measures to prevent flooding and related damages, which may include getting foundation and roof repair as deemed necessary.

The professionals at Idaho Select Insurance can help Meridian, ID homeowners obtain the necessary flood insurance protection as it relates to their unique situations. Contact us today to learn more about our insurance services.

Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

Since none of us have a crystal ball, it is impossible to predict if we will be sued in the future for an accident on our property or a vehicle accident. Consequently, if you have significant assets that greatly exceed your existing insurance policy liability limits then an umbrella policy can help protect you from the possibility of a devastating financial loss.

In short, an umbrella policy protects both your existing and future assets from being garnished in a lawsuit because of an accident deemed to be your fault. For example, if you are involved in an at-fault vehicle accident that damages and injures another person your insurance policy will pay for their medical expenses and repairs up to your policy limit. Once that liability limit has been met, you’ll be on the hook for any overages. With an umbrella policy, coverage kicks in as soon as the limit has been met and helps protect any of your assets from being seized or needing to be liquidated. 

Not only does an umbrella insurance policy protect yourself, but also it covers your dependent children which can be particularly important once they reach driving age. Umbrella insurance will not cover lawsuits related to a business that you own, excluding activities such as drag racing, crimes and intentional acts, and healthcare costs.

For specific questions on umbrella insurance, contact the team at Idaho Select Insurance in Meridian, ID. We’ll help determine if an umbrella policy is right for you and walk you through all the steps needed to apply. Give Idaho Select Insurance in Meridian, ID a call today to learn more. 

What isn’t covered under renters insurance?

As a renter, you can rest assured that purchasing renters’ insurance is a great safety net when it comes to protecting your belongings. However, it’s also important to know what’s not covered by renters insurance so that you can take the proper measures. Idaho Select Insurance is dedicated to helping all Meridian, ID residents understand how renters insurance works as well as what’s not covered.

The ABC’s of Renters Insurance Coverage

Generally speaking, renters insurance covers your personal property, liability, and even living expenses if you have to leave your rented space because it’s uninhabitable. Renters insurance can provide money to replace stolen or damaged belongings. This type of insurance for stolen and damaged property as well as personal liability if you cause an accident or damage or harm to someone else and their property. However, renters insurance also provides coverage for your personal items even when they ardent in your rental unit. For example, renters insurance can also cover items that are stolen from your car.

What’s NOT Covered by Renter’s Insurance?

Obviously, renters insurance can cover many things. However, there are specific situations where items would not be covered. Accidental damage or breakage to a personal item isn’t covered under renters’ insurance. Although renters insurance does cover items damaged by natural disasters, it won’t cover flood damage. If you live in a flood zone, it may be necessary to purchase flood damage because renters insurance will not cover flood damage. You should also note that your roommates’ items aren’t covered under renters’ insurance. Furthermore, although items stolen from your car are covered, your stolen car won’t be covered. Auto insurance would have to cover auto theft. Unfortunately, any kind of damage or loss incurred from rodents, pests or bugs isn’t covered by renters’ insurance either. Damage to your items as well as personal liability for damage to others is covered. However, damage to the rental structure itself isn’t covered. Your landlord’s insurance should cover this type of damage. 

If you have questions about what is covered and what’s not, give us a call. Our Idaho Select Insurance team is standing by to answer all of your questions. We are here to educate our Meridian, ID residents and help them to invest in the type of insurance that would benefit them most.

Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance in Idaho

With Idaho’s magical landscapes and beautiful roads, you’ll enjoy riding your motorcycle in the state. But before you get your motorcycle on the road, you must first get motorcycle insurance. And this is where you’ll need a reliable insurance partner like Idaho Select Insurance.

Here’s why you should have motorcycle insurance in Idaho.

Mandated by Idaho’s law

You must carry minimum liability motorcycle insurance for you to legally ride your motorcycle in Idaho. Riding without insurance will attract hefty fines, and you can also lose your license.

Protect Your Motorcycle

Collision coverage or comprehensive coverage protects your motorcycle against damage from collision and other forces such as floods, hurricanes, and vandalism. Collision and comprehensive coverage may vary depending on your insurance company and the amount of deductibles. That’s why you should seek professional help from an Idaho Select Insurance agent in Meridian ID.

Motorcycle Insurance Covers Medical Expenses

According to the NHTSA, motorcyclists and their passengers are 29 times more likely to die or sustain severe injuries in a crash compared to car occupants. That’s why you should carry medical payment coverage to cover your medical costs in the unfortunate event you’re involved in an accident.

Covers Rental Costs

When your motorbike is stolen or getting repaired, motorcycle insurance will cover the rental costs you’ll incur when you hire a temporary motorcycle. This gives you peace of mind any time you experience downtimes with your motorcycle.

Let Insurance Experts from Idaho Select Insurance Help You

It’s risky to carry minimum liability motorcycle insurance only. You need extra coverage to protect your motorcycle, yourself, your passenger, and third-party property damage.

With the many options for motorcycle insurance, it’s hard to select the most suitable one. But worry not, we have your back. Call us today to get a customized policy.