Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance in Idaho

With Idaho’s magical landscapes and beautiful roads, you’ll enjoy riding your motorcycle in the state. But before you get your motorcycle on the road, you must first get motorcycle insurance. And this is where you’ll need a reliable insurance partner like Idaho Select Insurance.

Here’s why you should have motorcycle insurance in Idaho.

Mandated by Idaho’s law

You must carry minimum liability motorcycle insurance for you to legally ride your motorcycle in Idaho. Riding without insurance will attract hefty fines, and you can also lose your license.

Protect Your Motorcycle

Collision coverage or comprehensive coverage protects your motorcycle against damage from collision and other forces such as floods, hurricanes, and vandalism. Collision and comprehensive coverage may vary depending on your insurance company and the amount of deductibles. That’s why you should seek professional help from an Idaho Select Insurance agent in Meridian ID.

Motorcycle Insurance Covers Medical Expenses

According to the NHTSA, motorcyclists and their passengers are 29 times more likely to die or sustain severe injuries in a crash compared to car occupants. That’s why you should carry medical payment coverage to cover your medical costs in the unfortunate event you’re involved in an accident.

Covers Rental Costs

When your motorbike is stolen or getting repaired, motorcycle insurance will cover the rental costs you’ll incur when you hire a temporary motorcycle. This gives you peace of mind any time you experience downtimes with your motorcycle.

Let Insurance Experts from Idaho Select Insurance Help You

It’s risky to carry minimum liability motorcycle insurance only. You need extra coverage to protect your motorcycle, yourself, your passenger, and third-party property damage.

With the many options for motorcycle insurance, it’s hard to select the most suitable one. But worry not, we have your back. Call us today to get a customized policy.