Accidents with Animals and Auto Insurance: Protecting Furry Friends

Around Meridian, ID accidents involving animals on the road can be distressing and potentially dangerous for all involved. However, the presence of auto insurance can provide a sense of security, playing a crucial role in providing financial protection in such scenarios while ensuring your furry friend’s well-being.

Coverage for Animal Collisions

Most auto insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage, which protects against any damages to the vehicle under the policy resulting from non-collision incidents, such as collisions caused by animals. This coverage ensures the ultimate protection in a wide range of scenarios for pet owners, especially farm animals or wildlife. 

Bodily Injury Coverage

Auto insurance may also offer bodily injury coverage for injuries sustained by drivers, passengers, or pedestrians involved in accidents with animals. It pays for medical transportation and hospital expenses, lost income, and anything related to the accident with injuries.

Protection for Animals

Auto insurance goes beyond financial protection for drivers and property. It can also provide coverage for veterinary expenses or compensation for injuries to animals involved in accidents. Some insurance policies even offer optional coverage for pets traveling in the insured vehicle, ensuring their well-being in the event of an accident.

Safety Precautions

While auto insurance provides essential protection, you, as a driver, have the power to take precautions to reduce the risk of accidents involving animals. By staying alert and attentive while driving, especially in rural or wooded areas where animals are more likely to cross roads, adhering to posted speed limits, and using high beams at night, you can significantly improve your safety on the road.

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Umbrella Insurance: For That Little Extra You Deserve

Asset protection is crucial regardless of whether you own a business, a house, a vehicle, or all of them simultaneously. You’ve put in immense effort, spent countless hours, and dedicated years to acquiring your possessions – they genuinely represent the fruits of your labor. It’s only natural that you’d want to ensure they’re safeguarded. This reason explains why individuals throughout Meridian, ID, choose the experienced and friendly team at Idaho Select Insurance for their insurance needs.

Experience the Assurance of Additional Protection

Insurance can be a helping hand during difficult times, alleviating the financial burden of repair costs, medical bills, and more. We understand how much you rely on insurance and believe it should never be a source of uncertainty. After all, you’ve worked pretty hard to be left wondering if you have adequate coverage, right?

This is where our supplemental umbrella insurance plans come in. They offer that little extra protection for anyone who owns anything – from a business to a personal vehicle. These policies provide additional coverage beyond your standard policy limits, offering you peace of mind and the assurance of protection.

Umbrella Insurance Services in Meridian

Our skilled and friendly team at Idaho Select Insurance has your back for residents of Meridian, ID, and its environs who are interested in the extra protection an umbrella insurance policy can provide. Reach out to us to understand better how this coverage can benefit you. Let us help you get the coverage and assurance that insurance should provide. Get the protection you work hard for and truly deserve.

Can roommates buy renters insurance together?

Considerations For Shared Renters Insurance Policies

Many companies offer renters insurance policies that roommates can share, making them a convenient and cost-effective solution for many. However, several factors must be taken into account before deciding on a shared policy. The Idaho Select Insurance team, serving the Meridian, ID area, is here to guide you through these considerations.

The Pros And Cons Of Roommates Sharing A Policy

Roommates commonly share renters insurance policies for the convenience of having a single bill and the potential for cost savings. However, difficulties may arise. For example, who is responsible for the continued premium payments if one roommate moves out? Disagreements on cost-sharing can ensue, particularly if one roommate owns more valuable items than the other.

Implications of Shared Policy on Your Insurance Record

Another crucial consideration is the impact of making a claim on a shared policy. When your name is on the shared policy, every claim becomes part of your seven-year insurance record; a roommate’s claim also forms part of your long-term insurance history. This element is particularly significant if you do not have a well-established relationship with your roommate(s), as a shared policy is a joint legal obligation.

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The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance for Rider Safety

Making Sense of Motorcycle Insurance for Riders

Motorcycle insurance doesn’t solely cater to the motorcycle operator. Idaho Select Insurance, serving Meridian, ID, and adjacent areas, insists that all responsible motorcyclists and their passengers understand how motorcycle insurance also guards riders.

Understanding Financial Protection

Beyond safeguarding drivers’ belongings, motorcycle insurance also covers riding passengers. For example, if a passenger’s possessions left in a saddlebag are stolen while you dine at a restaurant or shop at a store, the losses incurred by your passenger get covered just as your losses would be.

Ensuring Peace of Mind

Those unfamiliar with motorcycles often harbor apprehension about riding. Thus, until your driving skills and safety measures become evident, your bike passengers gain added peace of mind knowing that they get coverage for liability for bodily injury and property damage, comprehensive and collision coverage, and potentially uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, depending on the policy you choose.

Seeking Legal and Medical Support

Speak to your insurance representative for specifics about your unique situation, but largely, motorcycle insurance policies offer additional benefits like legal representation in claims occurrence and medical payments coverage.

Projecting Responsible Riding

The presence of a robust motorcycle insurance policy signals to your passengers that you take your riding seriously. Apart from insisting that all your riders wear helmets, you can safeguard your passengers further by carrying sufficient motorcycle insurance. For assistance, reach out to Idaho Select Insurance. We hope to be your insurance partner!

Four Things to Ask Your Agent About Flood Insurance

If you’re buying a house or looking to update coverage on one you already have, it’s essential to ask your agent about flood insurance. At Idaho Select Insurance, we want to help every homeowner in the Meridian, ID, area get the quality coverage they need to protect themselves and their belongings. That’s why we offer flood coverage from several different insurers. We can provide you with quotes and answer your questions so that you can get the proper type and level of protection.

Homes that are in flood zones and have mortgages on them are generally required to have flood policies. Other homes won’t require them, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have them as added protection. Not only do these policies give additional coverage, but they can also increase your peace of mind and feelings of security so you can more fully enjoy your home.

Before getting a flood policy, be sure to ask your agent:

  • Does my home require flood insurance?
  • How much coverage is recommended?
  • How often should I update my policy?
  • What do I do if I have a claim?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can have more confidence that you have the right policy for your needs. Depending on the exact location of your home, its size, its age, and other factors, there may be several good insurance options to protect you from flooding. Don’t settle for less than the right level of protection for all your needs.

Contact us at Idaho Select Insurance today if you’re in the Meridian, ID, area and need a flood insurance policy. We’re here to make it easy and convenient for you to get the coverage you need. Then, you can return to living your life and put your worries to rest.

Why Umbrella Insurance Is Important for Meridian Area Businesses

Company owners in the greater Meridian, ID area turn to the team at Idaho Select Insurance for their commercial insurance needs. We’re here to provide you with all the details you need to make informed decisions about your insurance. Now’s an ideal time to learn more about the benefits of umbrella insurance and the policy options that are available in our area.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance for Area Business Owners

If you own a business, you know all the hard work and dedication necessary to build and sustain a successful company. As your firm grows, you might find that your liability risk also increases. Fortunately, adding an umbrella insurance policy to your existing primary policy can often provide the protection you need.

Having a supplemental umbrella policy can be a lifesaver when your primary policy meets or exceeds its coverage limit. Liability coverage is especially important for business owners whose companies operate in industries that experience a lot of lawsuits. Slip and fall cases and their associated damages can add up rather quickly. If your industry requires heavy interaction with the public, you’ll want to review your current liability coverage carefully.

Our team of friendly and well-informed agents can help you determine which types of policies and coverage amounts are appropriate for your needs. Contact our office today to learn more and to schedule an appointment to review your current insurance protection needs.

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Tiny House Renters Insurance: Coverage for Compact Living

The tiny house movement has gained momentum in the Meridian, ID area as people seek a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. While the charm of small living is undeniable, tiny house renters must consider the unique insurance needs associated with these compact dwellings. 

Coverage Elements for Tiny House Renters Insurance

When seeking insurance for a tiny house rental, renters should consider the following coverage elements:

  • Personal Property Coverage: Protects personal belongings within the tiny house, including furniture, appliances, and other possessions.
  • Liability Coverage: Provides protection if a guest is injured on the property, helping cover medical expenses and potential legal costs.
  • Additional Living Expenses Coverage: If a covered event makes the tiny house uninhabitable, this coverage assists with temporary living arrangements and associated costs.
  • Transportation Coverage (if applicable): Coverage for tiny houses on wheels should extend to transportation-related risks, including accidents during relocation.
  • Off-Grid System Coverage (if applicable): If the tiny house relies on alternative energy sources, specialized coverage may be needed to protect these systems.

Choosing the Right Insurance Provider

Selecting the right insurance provider for tiny house renters insurance involves considering the unique features of small living. Providers with experience in insuring non-traditional dwellings and understanding the specific risks associated with tiny houses can offer tailored coverage.

Premium Considerations

Factors influencing insurance premiums for tiny house renters may include:

  • Location: The geographical location of the tiny house can impact insurance costs, considering factors like climate and environmental risks.
  • Security Measures: Implementing security measures like alarms and locks can lower insurance premiums.
  • Claims History: A clean claims history demonstrates responsible living practices and may result in lower premiums.

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Smart Riders Ride with Motorcycle Insurance

It is hard to compare anything to the feeling, freedom, and joy of being on the open road in places like Meridian, ID with the wind in your face and that engine between your legs. And it is also difficult to argue the importance of motorcycle insurance, and that is where our team at Idaho Select Insurance can help.

Not only does motorcycle insurance keep you legal and protect that beautiful ride beneath you, but it is also a smart thing to do. There are many reasons to hit the open road on your favorite ride and just as many reasons to consider insurance with trusted insurance partners like Idaho Select Insurance.

Another Part of Your Equipment

Whether riding the trails, taking in the beautiful scenic wonder that Meridian, ID offers, or taking your favorite two-wheeled ride to work that day, safety is always first for smart motorcyclists.

We all know the numbers, and the media hasn’t been shy about sharing the dangers of riding a motorcycle. So, safety isn’t ever far from the mind of those who ride safely. That also means including motorcycle insurance on your list of safety equipment. 

Eye protection, check. Helmet, check. Mirrors aligned, check. Proper footwear, check. Motorcycle insurance? With Idaho Select Insurance, you can say "check" with confidence. You take the necessary precautions when riding, and you can let the pros at Idaho Select Insurance take care of you if you ever need them.

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What Is Flood Insurance Supposed to Cover?

Do you need flood insurance? If you have flood insurance, what does it cover?

These are common questions for homeowners, even in Meridian, ID. In light of that, we at Idaho Select Insurance want to give you some quick and easy answers.

Types of Flood Insurance

The first thing to understand is that a flood insurance policy does not cover damage from all water sources. It is intended to cover against damage brought on by a flood. Specifically, that means water from weather events. If a pipe bursts in your house and causes a flood, flood insurance usually does not cover that.

Things get even more complicated when a weather-related flood causes a plumbing problem that floods a house. This type of thing is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The short answer is that extreme weather events that cause flooding are covered while other sources of water and flooding typically are not.

Types of Damage from Flood Insurance

Flood insurance also looks at different types of damage. It might cover building damage or building contents (or both).

Building damage refers to the building and its infrastructure. This type of coverage might help you repair damaged plumbing, replace walls, and carry out any other repairs related to the structure itself.

Content damage refers to things you own in the house, like clothing or furniture. Plenty of flood policies offer help with this type of coverage, too.

There is one exception to note. Generally, flood insurance does not cover flood damage within a basement.

Remember That Policies Vary

That’s the gist of what you can expect from flood insurance, but it’s important to remember that policies always vary. On top of how they vary by provider, flood policies vary by location. After all, a place like Miami has different flooding risks and concerns than Boise or Meridian, ID. Considering that, it’s always important to review your exact policy.

If anything is unclear, you can always speak with an expert. You can talk with your Idaho Select Insurance representative and discuss any questions you have regarding flood insurance. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Do I Need Boat Insurance in Idaho?

According to the law, you’re not required to have boat insurance in Idaho. However, boating has many risks, and it’s good to know that you don’t have to pay for damages out of pocket in case of an accident. At Idaho Select Insurance in Meridian, ID, we are happy to help you understand the different policies available to cover your vessel.

Advantages of Boat Insurance Coverage

There are many advantages to maintaining coverage for your small or large watercraft. Although you don’t have to have boat insurance in Idaho, your lender will probably require it if you’re still paying off the loan. Additionally, you can add coverage to pay for damages inflicted by an uninsured boater.

Taking a boater safety course can significantly lower the cost of insurance. For more information on optimizing your boat insurance coverage, contact one of our knowledgeable agents.

Types of Boat Insurance

There are three basic types of boat insurance: property, liability, and medical. However, there are other policies available to meet your preferences.

Property Insurance for Your Boat

Your property insurance covers the physical components of your boat, including the hall, furnishings, permanently attached equipment, machinery, and fittings.

Liability Coverage

If you cause an accident on the water, liability coverage can prevent financial losses by paying for related damages to other vessels.

Medical Payments Coverage

If you or your passengers sustain injuries while enjoying time on your boat, medical payment coverage can pay for the resulting hospital bills and other medical expenses.

Uninsured Watercraft Coverage

If an uninsured watercraft collides with your boat, you can pay for damages out of pocket. However, you can also add uninsured watercraft coverage to handle this contingency.

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