Top reasons to consider flood insurance

So many residents of the Meridian, ID area make the costly mistake that because they do not live near a large body of water, they do not need to purchase flood insurance. More and more often, flooding is happening in areas that are not considered to be a high-risk area. If you would like to discuss the many reasons to purchase a flood policy, reach out to an expert at  Idaho Select Insurance today. 

Relying on Federal Assistance after a flood can be a costly mistake

Many people assume that FEMA will quickly assist after floods have damaged a community. However, it not always the case. If a Presidential Disaster Declaration is not issued, then there will be no FEMA funds. Also, federal assistance is a loan, and you will be required to pay it back to the government in the long run. 

Flood is not covered under a homeowners policy

Many people make the incorrect assumption that because their homeowners’ policy has flood coverage because it includes coverage for water damage. Water damage does not cover damage from floods but for events such as a broken pipe. If you want to be protected by flood insurance, it is vital that you purchase a separate policy. 

The cost of a flood claim can be exurbanite

Even just a little water can cause a large amount of damage in a very short period of time. In addition to dealing with the flood, you will need to quickly remediate damage to the drywall and furniture to protect against mold growth. A flood policy will offer you the peace of mind that you will not be paying tens of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to repair damage after a flood. 

If you are interested in learning more about flood insurance, reach out to an agent at Idaho Select Insurance today. We proudly serve the Meridian, ID area.