3 Reasons to Purchase Renter’s Insurance Before the Holidays

They say the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. This may be true, but it can also be a season filled with unexpected damage and mishaps. In order to make sure your rental home makes it through the holidays, it is important to have renter’s insurance activated. At Idaho Select Insurance, we understand that you can’t make good insurance choices without good insurance information. Keep reading to find out why you should consider purchasing renter’s insurance before the holidays. 

Some Holiday Traditions Can Be Dangerous 

Around the holidays we start doing stuff we don’t normally do. We are lighting more candles. We are putting a new strain on our electrical systems with fancy light displays. We are moving large evergreen trees right into our living spaces. These holiday traditions can carry with them a certain risk factor if we are not very careful. Renter’s insurance is there to protect you in the event that a disaster strikes this holiday. 

More People Equals More Accidents

We love having our families come in for the holidays, but let’s be honest, sometimes disaster can follow our families right on into town. The fact is, the more people you have in your home the greater the risks are for accidents. The personal liability coverage you’ll find with most renter’s policies will make sure that you are not held liable if someone gets hurt this holiday season. 

When Alcohol Is Involved

Another risk factor of the holiday season revolves around the fact that more people are "making spirits with bright," with actual spirits, ie. alcohol. Whenever alcohol is involved the risk factor for accidents and disaster ratchets up quite a bit. Make sure your rental home is covered from any and all holiday mayhem with sufficient renter’s insurance. 

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